Engineering services for agricultural businesses

Improve your productivity with our consulting services, engineering services and financial support

Consulting services

Do you have goals to achieve? We’re here to help you get there. With our agricultural advisory services, benefit from personalized, competent support that will accompany you from start to finish to achieve your objectives.

Agriconseils service providers

Agricultural producers and Agtech processors can benefit from our advisory services and obtain financial assistance through Agriconseils.

What do you want to accomplish?

Steps to achieve this:

Our first assessment meeting, free of charge, allows us to understand your specific needs and issues related to your business. Following this meeting, a more in-depth on-site analysis is proposed in order to identify potential solutions with the aim of obtaining productivity gains and a reduction in the working hours required in your production process. These translate into financial savings, an increase in your profitability and a reduction in the vulnerability of your business to labor shortages.

This meeting will result in a preliminary report of recommendations presenting the potential solutions, the expected gains and an estimate of the profitability of each option. Depending on the solutions selected, we will then work together to implement the required improvements in your work plan.

Self evaluation

First meeting without cost or commitment


Analysis of your activities

Recommendations report

List of possibilities

Selection of recommendations

According to your priorities and needs


Selected recommendations

Knowledge transfer

Training, documentation

After sales service

Follow-ups, reassessments

Engineering Services

Do you have a project but need help implementing it? Our team of engineers and project managers are there to support you from start to finish!


Support for project financing.

Our team will be able to direct you to specialized resources for grants and tax credits related to your project.

Examples of projects in the agricultural sector:






Box assembling


Gains associated with production optimization and automation:

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Extra hours

Agtech: agriculture and industrialization

The city of L’Assomption announced in 2019 the creation of an innovation and research center in agriculture and industrialization: Zone Agtech. Following this announcement, the Alliance Solutions team has positioned itself to offer a range of essential technical services for industries in this field.

Alliance Solutions can provide a multitude of services to companies that choose the Agtech route. The objective is to evaluate activities and ways of doing things in order to propose actions to optimize performance, while keeping expenses as low as possible. In this way, Zone Agtech occupants will be able to focus their efforts on their production, and not on the management of assets, services or infrastructure.

Alliance Solutions is a key player in facilitating the establishment and operations of companies wishing to embark on the Zone Agtech adventure.

How Alliance Solutions makes your management easier:

All in an eco-responsible team spirit where the ecological footprint will be considered when searching for solutions and implementation.

Together, cheaper, greener

With us, launch into the agriculture of tomorrow with complete confidence!