About Alliance Solutions

Quebec company providing engineering services to production industries

We are your front-line partner in achieving your goals!

What we can do for you:

Alliance Solutions offers engineering services for Quebec companies.

Alliance Solutions supports companies in optimizing production activities and proposes actions that maximize yield, while keeping expenses as low as possible, in an eco-responsible spirit.

Our specialty: robotization and automation

Alliance Solutions was created in 2019 following the announcement by the city of L’Assomption of the creation of an innovation and research center in agriculture and industrialization (the “Agtech Zone”). Alliance Solutions has since built a solid team in automation and robotization of industrial processes in order to be able to meet the needs of businesses and be able to offer the best technological options.

From mechanical and electrical design to installation and support, Alliance Solutions is a key player in integrating solutions.

The co-founders of Alliance Solutions

David Poisson

Operations Director

Having graduated in 2005 in automated production engineering, David has since acquired extensive knowledge in electrical design, industrial automation and process optimization. Through his various professional experiences, David has always valued teamwork to successfully complete the various projects in which he has participated. It is today in the same state of mind that Alliance Solutions wishes to help its partners innovate while reducing their operating costs.

Yanick St-Yves

Strategic Development Director

An electrical engineer with more than twenty years of experience, Yanick wishes to bring his expertise in IT/Telecommunications networks to players in the agricultural sector pushing their production to a higher level. Having worked as a corporate maintenance planner and technical incident manager on a provincial scale, he has developed solid expertise in adaptive operations management as well as network operation to achieve customer satisfaction. Yanick is an effective shaper of reliable, secure and sustainable networks for businesses of all sizes.

Our teams

Electrical design

Electrical designers carry out the development of plans, wiring and electrical installation of custom automated and robotic equipment. They participate in the analysis of customer needs and the definition of systems architecture. They are responsible for the design and drawings of control circuits, machine wiring, and carry out the various necessary calculations, analyzes or studies.

Mechanical concept

Les concepteurs en mécanique conçoivent, projettent et dimensionnent les composantes et les systèmes mécaniques. Ils développent les projets de la définition des caractéristiques techniques et fonctionnelles du produit à la création des spécifications de base, à la documentation et aux manuels, jusqu’à la mise en production.


Electromechanics support project deployments. They observe electromechanical components and systems to locate and repair faults by replacing or refurbishing defective components. They carry out tests on installed or repaired electrical devices to ensure their performance. They carry out machining work to refurbish or modify parts and are responsible for corrective and preventive maintenance.

Values and culture

Pleasure and health at work

Our decisions reflect our deep desire to offer a pleasant, healthy and safe working environment to all our employees.

Authenticity and integrity

We are sincere, true and warm with our customers, partners and colleagues. We make sure to tell the truth and act according to the highest standards of professionalism.

Know-how and operational efficiency

Our projects are carefully selected to ensure that expertise is put to the service of our customers. In our eyes, the development of our talents represents the key to making a real difference for our clients.

Our partners

Working with Alliance Solutions also means having access to a network of strategic partners for carrying out your projects.

Over the years, we have forged close ties with selected partners.

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